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20+ Employee Engagement Questions That Reveal Everything

        posted by , January 03, 2013

It's no fun to pay employees who are detached, remote and disinterested. It's even less fun to pay employees who actively resist your every strategy.

Employee engagement is crucial to sustainable competitive advantage. Energized employees help you innovate and change. They help you to establish customer relationships. They're productive.

Some firms are able to motivate their employees while others have a combative relationship with employees. The difference isn't your people — it's your culture.

No one takes pleasure in a career of bitter resistance to change. Your employees want to be part of something compelling. They want to achieve. They want to help you achieve.

If your employees are disengaged you haven't invested enough in your culture. It's time to ask yourself a few hard questions:


Corporate culture is the behaviors, norms, symbols, mission and principles of your organization. Corporate culture doesn't just happen. Culture improvement programs such as organizational change management are key to making it happen.

Are your mission and shared values clear and compelling?
Do you set clear expectations for an open culture that respects ideas, innovation and people?
Do you proactively manage toxic behavior and conflict?
Do you continuously improve your culture with employee feedback?


It's unlikely your employees will be energized about your strategy, plans and tactics if you're in the habit of keeping them in the dark.

Do you share information openly?
Do you provide transparency into why decisions are made?
Do you create a sense of urgency by socializing competitive pressures?
Do you communicate quickly to avoid rumors and misinformation?
Do you ask for strategy feedback from your organization and incorporate it?


A sense of trust, common purpose, team spirit and belonging goes a long way to improve employee morale.

Do you trust your people?
Do you actively build a sense of team and belonging?
How often do you celebrate milestones, successes and recovery from failure?

Performance Management, Recognition & Rewards

Fair and consistent performance management and rewards are absolutely essential to employee motivation.

Do you make individual expectations and goals clear to all employees?
How often do you thank your people for achievements big and small?
Do you ensure that employees are rewarded for successes?


Give your employees what they need to do their job.

Do you allow your people to deliver according to their own working style?
Do you support employee development and encourage aggressive career growth?
Do you delegate authority or keep it locked up?
Do you support bottom-up initiatives and innovation?

Lead By Example

Employees want to follow leaders who they respect. They want to achieve a mission that's worth achieving.

Is your business strategy something that employees can get excited about?
Do your leaders set a good example?
Does your firm set a good example (e.g. sustainable)?

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