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8 Signs Management Is Losing Control

        posted by , January 20, 2013

It is never a pretty sight when a manager loses control of their team and responsibilities. Business is seldom smooth sailing and managers inexorably have ups and down. However, these 8 signs indicate a manager is losing control:

1. Team Infighting

When the manager's team has become completely dysfunctional.

2. Staff Defections

When the manager's team transfers or resigns en masse.

3. Sidelining and Isolation

When the manager has been assigned busy work or is largely ignored by executives and peers.

4. Challenges to the manager's ability

When people in the organization openly challenge the manager's ability in a formal setting (not gossip). This is worse when it comes from the manager's team and peers. Criticism from executives is less serious (unless it is done in front of the manager's subordinates).

5. Complete dependency

When the manager becomes completely dependent on strong members of the team (it becomes clear to all that the manager is adding no value).

6. Leader arrogance

When the manager becomes uncharacteristically arrogant or defensive.

7. Irrational decisions

When the manager starts to make irrational decisions or frequently changes direction.

8. Symptoms of stress

When the manager exhibits the classic symptoms of stress (the manager is usually the first to be aware that things are falling apart).

What should you do?

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
~ Sir Winston Churchill

For many managers one failure is nothing more than a lesson on the path to success. If you report to a manager who is failing it is important to think of yourself first. Your success is tied to that of your manager. If you are reporting to a failing manager you should consider jumping ship.

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