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81 Step Project Management Checklist

        posted by , November 14, 2012

The project management checklist below covers the most common project management tasks.

Tasks should be added and subtracted to match the complexity of your project and your project management methodology.

Business Case (document)

Business Context
Project Overview
Project Alternatives
Target Business Outcomes
Value Proposition (e.g. ROI, net present value, payback period)
Requested Budget and Financial Schedule

Business Case Review (process)

Identify Approvers
Communicate Business Case
Business Case Review Meeting
Business Case Approval
Financial Approvals

Feasibility Study (process)

Conduct a Feasibility Study

Project Charter (document)

Project Objectives
Project Benefits
Solution Constraints
List of Stakeholders
Project Organizational Chart
Project Scope
Out of Scope Items
Phase Definitions and Initial Schedule
Resource Requirements
Initial Communication Plan
High Level Risk Management Plan
Spending Authority and Initial Budget

Project Charter Review (process)

Identify Approvers
Communicate Project Charter
Project Kickoff Meeting
Project Charter Approval

Initiation Phase Review (process)

Perform Initiation Phase Review

Project Planning (process)

Develop a Resource Plan
Obtain Resource Approvals
Set Up Project Office
Develop Project Management Plan

Project Management Plan (Document)

Scope Management Plan
Communication Plan
Project Budget
Risk Management Plan
Quality Management Plan
Procurement Plan
Resource Management Plan
Project Change Management Plan
Financial Management Plan
User Acceptance Plan
Work Breakdown Structure
Project Schedule (including milestones)

Planning Phase Review (process)

Perform Planning Phase Review

Procurement (process)

Develop RFI
Communicate RFI
Review Vendor Responses to RFI
Develop RFP
Communicate RFP
Review Vendor Responses to RFP
Select Vendors
Negotiate Vendor Contracts

Execution Process (repeated process)

Build Deliverables
Manage Risk and Issues
Control Budget
Manage Project Cash Flow
Update Project Plan
Manage Communication
Manage Risks
Manage Project Team
Manage Project Vendors
Manage Quality
Manage Change Management
Manage User Acceptance

Execution Phase Review (process)

Perform Execution Phase Review

Project Closure (process)

Evaluate Project Performance
Evaluate Individual Performance
Perform Lessons Learned
Perform Post Implementation Review
Identify Outstanding Risks and Issues
Handover Project Documentation To Customer
Release Project Resources
Finalize Vendor Contracts
Develop Project Closure Report
Communicate Project Closure

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