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Change Management Guide

        posted by , June 02, 2013

Change is the unstoppable march of business progress. An organization's ability to manage change is key its competitive advantage.

The following guide may help you manage change at the organizational, program, project or team level.

The BasicsDictionary of Change Management Techniques
How to manage change.

What is Organizational Change Management?
Everything you need to know.

Types of Organizational Change
The 10 types of organizational change.

Types of Change Management
The 4 types of change management.
Resistance to ChangeWhy Resist Change?
Why people resist organizational change.

How to Challenge Mediocrity
Challenging mediocre thinking in your culture.

How Organizations Resist Change
The problem with resistance to change is that it's often not visible.

Barriers to Change
The 5 barriers to organizational change.

The Change Management Myth
Resistance is futile.

PrinciplesChange Management Principles
22 change management principles.

Objectives (Goals)Change Management Objectives
22 goals for your organizational change management program.
ProcessChange Management Process
A reference change management process.
Inspiration & General SillinessChange Management Quotes
60 thought provoking change management quotes.

Change Management vs. Continuous Improvement
The management showdown.

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Change Management Careers

Careers related to change management include organizational change management, departmental change management (e.g. technology change management), program management and project management.

Interview QuestionsChange Management Interview Questions
50 change management interview questions.

Project Management Interview Questions
120 most common project management interview questions.

Program Management Interview Questions
97 program manager interview questions.

ITIL Interview Questions
104 ITIL interview questions. ITIL is a IT service management framework that includes a change management methodology.

Interview Questions
A large collection of interview questions by profession and soft skill.
SkillsChange Management Skills
40 change management skills.

Skills Inventory
Lists of skills by profession and soft skill.

TrainingTraining Ideas for Change Management
50 change management training ideas for your learning plan.

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