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Knowledge Management Guide

        posted by , June 01, 2013

Businesses that fail to manage knowledge are doomed to leak value and repeat failures.

The following resources are designed to help you set up and run a knowledge management practice.
The BasicsWhat's Knowledge?
The difference between knowledge and information.

What's Knowledge Management?
10 knowledge management definitions: take your pick.

Why Knowledge Management?
The 7 ways that knowledge management adds value.

Process & PracticeHow to Manage Knowledge
A simplified knowledge management process.

Knowledge Management Process
A robust knowledge management process.

Knowledge Management Practices
The 7 essential knowledge management practices.

PrinciplesKnowledge Management Principles (List)
The 14 principles of knowledge management.
CultureKnowledge Management Culture
The 5 knowledge management cultures (from dysfunction to bliss).
Knowledge QualityKnowledge Quality Measurements (List)
The 31 ways to measure the quality of knowledge.

Advanced TopicsPhysics of Knowledge Management
The 4 things that give knowledge value.

10 Examples of Tacit Knowledge
Tacit knowledge represents knowledge management's greatest challenge.

TechnologyKnowledge Management Tools
The 7 essential categories of knowledge management software.
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