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Management: The Missing Manual

        posted by , June 27, 2016

Make no mistake about it — managers are leaders. If they're not, they should be.

Management is about making problems so interesting that people want to solve them. It's about innovation, influence and inspiration.

None of this is easy. Management is a challenging and often stressful profession.

The following guide targets the most common problems managers face. It's a down-to-earth manual for managers that's based on a solid foundation of established practices, strategies and techniques.

Strategy & Techniques

A collection of management principles, styles, techniques and strategies.

Strategy30+ Management Strategies
Beyond the management fads, some actionable techniques.
PrinciplesThe Toyota Way
The 14 management principles of Japan's biggest firm.

Management Principles
How principles can drive management results.

Examples Of The 80/20 Rule
80% of success is showing up.

StylesManagement Style Guide
The stylish guide to management style.

Management Style List
The 25 styles of management.

Leader Manager
A series of posts on management leadership.

Innovation Management
What innovation management really means.

Administrative Managers
The administrative style of management.

Command and Control
Military style management.

21 Types of Management
The many faces of management.

Human ResourcesCorporate Culture
82 examples of corporate culture.

Professional Heroes
Create heroes in every profession.

Project ManagementProject Management Checklist
Simplified project management — 81 step project management checklist.

Project Management vs Program Management
The difference explained.

Reasons Project Fail
The 64 reasons that IT projects fail.

Change ManagementChange Management Guide
A guide to managing change at the organizational, program, project or team level.

Why Resist Change?
Why people resist organizational change.

Change Management Principles
The 22 change management principles.

Risk ManagementWhat's Risk Management?
What risk management really means.

List of Business Risks
The 65 types of business risk.

List of Project Risks
130 examples of project risk.

Knowledge ManagementKnowledge Management Guide
A guide to setting up and running a knowledge management practice.

Principles of Knowledge Management (List)
The 14 principles of knowledge management.

How to Measure the Quality of Knowledge
The 31 knowledge quality measurements.

Why Knowledge Management?
Why knowledge management is important.

Knowledge Management Process
A knowledge management process that can be applied to any business.

ProcessManagement by Objectives (MBO)
A brief history of MBO grief.

Standards & Best PracticesMaking Sense of ISO Standards
An overview of ISO standards that are of interest to managers.

Why SMART objectives are dumb.

ChallengesLosing Control
13 ways managers lose control.

Related Guides

Management Careers

A number of tools to help you get your next management position including a list of interview questions and answers.

SkillsA skills inventory that can be used to build your resume, training plan or performance evaluations.

Management Skills (110 Skills)

Related Skills
Project Management (125 Skills)
Change Management (40 Skills)
MBA (110 Skills)
Executive Leadership (111 Skills)

Soft Skills
Leadership (59 Skills)
Public Speaking (89 Skills)
Presentations (22 Skills)
Emotional Intelligence (42 Skills)
Interpersonal (80 Skills)
Communication (90 Skills)
Visual Communication (83 Skills)
Negotiation (103 Skills)

InterviewsManagement Interview Questions (106 Questions)

IT Manager (102 Questions)
Project Manager (120 Questions)
Program Manager (97 Questions)
Change Management (50 Questions)

Soft Skills
Leadership (101 questions)
Negotiation Skills (97 Questions)
Communication Skills (70 questions)
Time Management (50 questions)

Answers to Sticky Questions
Answers to Oddball Questions
Answers to Open-Ended Questions
Answers to Close-Ended Questions

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