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Management Success is a Choice (or better yet a series of good choices)

        posted by , January 20, 2013

If there is one skill that will ensure success in management it is the ability to make good decisions. Good decisions will:

✓ affirm your leadership abilities
✓ keep you from following unproductive paths
✓ prevent mistakes

The following 6 tips will help you make better management decisions:

1. Be Subjective

Most decisions are inherently subjective — don't chase objectivity at the expense of making a bad decision.

2. There Isn't a System

The human mind is the most complex system in the known universe (up to 1000 trillion synaptic connections). Your brain is designed to make quick decisions that factor in thousands of variables.

Despite the obvious power of the brain to make complex decisions — people have a tendency to establish overly simplistic decision making rules. If you boil your decisions down to 1 or 2 golden rules — you might not be using your full decision making potential.

3. Why → What → How → Who → Where →When

A common management mistake is to quickly jump to when without first answering more fundamental questions such as why. For most business problems the decision making flow should look something like this:

management decisions

4. Delegate

Don't micromanage — delegate your decision making authority to trusted advisors.

5. Write Down the Alternatives

Most humans are visual thinkers. Before arriving at a decision it is helpful to come up with visual representations of the alternatives. Thirty minutes spent in front of a whiteboard is a good time-investment if it prevents a bad decision.

6. Recognize Cognitive Biases

Despite the power of our brains — humans are seldom completely logical. It is important to recognize common cognitive biases in yourself and others before making a decision.

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