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Project Management

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A comprehensive guide to project management strategies, techniques, methods and careers.

The many paths to project failure.

The 5 commonly accepted ways to define project failure.

When you're not planning a mission to Mars — indispensable productivity tools for simple projects.

81 Step Project Management Checklist »

Project Management Templates »

The following examples of project management goals may help you to design your performance objectives (e.g. MBO or balanced scorecard).

Herding cats ... and 101 other quotations that will ring true for professional project managers.

There's a fine line between being a quitter and recognizing reality.

It is a good habit to use the most specific word available to describe project management scenarios.

Like him or not, Napoleon was one heck of a strategist and leader.

8 ways to kill a project with bad requirements.

Every project creates knowledge. Every project depends on knowledge. The following knowledge management best practices are critical for projects.

Quick 90 second overview of PRINCE2 - a popular project management methodology.

The 7 Principles of PRINCE2 Project Management »

The 7 Processes of PRINCE2 Project Management »

If you look at project management as an art, how would you describe it?

The real differences between these often confused professions.

How organizational change management can help your project.

Project managers work with program, functional, risk, quality, knowledge and change managers. This is confusion prone.

How to identify and manage project risk for fun and profit.

130 Project Risks (List) »

22 Types Of Project Risk »

5 Definitions of Project Failure »

How to get RFPs wrong — every time.

Project management is no profession for the unhappy.

The idea that project management is needless overhead is surprisingly common.

The 5 commonly accepted ways to define project failure.

Knowledge management tools have changed over the years. However, they still address the same basic needs.

Knowledge management is a political topic. It needs the support of executive management to have any chance of success.

A comprehensive guide to project management strategies, techniques, methods and careers.

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