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Project Management Guide

        posted by , June 27, 2016

A comprehensive guide to project management strategies, techniques, methods and careers.

Project Management Tools

Strategies and methods for project management.

The BasicsWhy Project Management is Important
8 back-to-basics reasons that project management adds value.

StrategyFail Fast
The opposite of a big bang.

Napolean the Project Manager
42 project management strategies from Napoleon Bonaparte.

MethodsPRINCE2 Overview
A 90 second overview of the PRINCE2 project management methodology.

PRINCE2 Principles
7 PRINCE2 principles.

PRINCE2 Processes
7 PRINCE2 processes.

PrinciplesPareto Principle
The 80/20 rule of project management.
Behavioral Project Management Project Estimate Psychology
7 project estimate approaches based on basic psychology.

QualityQuality Definitions
7 definitions of business quality.

Quality Examples
35 quality examples.

RiskHow to Manage Risk
A lightweight risk management process.

How to Control Risk
The 4 places to stick a risk.

Types of Project Risk
22 types of project risk.

Examples of Project Risk
130 examples of project risk.

Risk vs Blame
The project risk blame game.

EstimatesWhy Your Estimates Are Wrong
How psychology influences project estimates.

How To Predict A Project's Future
The future is predictable ... especially when it comes to project estimates.

Project FailureDefinition of Project Failure
5 ways to define project failure.

Why Projects Fail
64 reasons that IT projects fail.

20+ Project Questions That Reveal Failure
Where's the fine line between being a quitter and recognizing reality?

Simplified Project ManagementProject Management Checklist
81 step project management checklist (simplified project management process).
Tips & InspirationThe Art of Project Management
Why project management is as much art as science.

Project Management Quotations
101 inspiring quotations for project managers.

Enjoying Project Management
Project management for fun and profit.


A collection of interview strategies and tools for professional project managers.

Interview QuestionsProject Leadership Interview Questions
7 project management interview questions that reveal everything.

Common Interview Questions
120 project management interview questions.

Project Management Leadership Questions
7 project management interview questions that reveal everything.

Tough Interview Questions
105 project management interview questions.

Answers To Interview Questions
10 project management question/answers.

Program Management
97 program management interview questions.

All Interview Questions
1000+ interview questions by profession.

Interview Answers
A collection of guidelines for answering interview questions.

Interview Strategy
A collection of interview strategies.

Interview Guide
Interview strategy and tools.
Job DescriptionsProject Manager
Project manager job description.

Program Manager
Program manager job description.


Resources related to project management careers.

AreaCareer Tool
Performance ReviewsProject Management Objectives
100+ examples of performance objectives (e.g. MBO or balanced scorecard) for project managers.
Tools200+ Project Management Power Verbs
Project management verbs for documents, communications, presentations, performance objectives and resumes.

TrainingProject Management Training Ideas
75 common training paths for professional project managers.

Project Management Skills
125 standard project management skills for resumes and job descriptions.

Program Management Skills
98 standard program management skills for resumes and job descriptions.

Skills Inventory
An inventory of 1000+ standard professional skills for your resume, performance review or training plan.

Management Practices

Guides to management disciplines related to project management

ManagementManagement Styles
22 management styles.

Corporate Culture
82 corporate cultures.

Management AreaProgram Management
Managing an ongoing series of strategic projects.

Change Management
Managing organization, business and technology change.

Innovation Management
Managing innovation initiatives and processes.

Leader Management
Manage by leading.

ComparisonsInfluence vs. Authority
Why influencing is critical to management.

Program Management vs. Project Management
The differences between program and project management.

Project Management vs. Management
How management disciplines fit into your projects.

Project Management Isn't The Problem
Why resistance to change is the primary cause of project failure.

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